Weightless Water

Faster than the Waiters in Paris

If you are like me, you have too much stuff.  Give your loved one something that encourages him or her to pursue a dream that does not add to the clutter.  Slow Boat to the Bahamas is a funny look at getting the sailing bug, preparing for, and going on the big trip with a four year old and a four pound dog. With one or two shipping days until Christmas, you don’t have to give your favorite sailor an expensive gift card.  Thanks to everyone who made the e-book a number 1 bestseller in sailing narratives.  All you need to gift the e-book of Slow Boat to the Bahamas is the e-mail address of the recipient of the gift.   The Kindle e-book costs less than a key chain at West Marine!  You can also get the print version for the paper chart enthusiasts on your boat.

Weightless Water

Nothing that you haul on the boat will be heavier than the 40-pound, 5-gallon, jerry cans of water. If you want to avoid back injuries from lifting a blue container one-handed onto the stern of a pitching boat, you need to find another answer for getting water while on the hook or a mooring. Exclusive to newsletter subscribers is a sneak peak at my Good Old Boat magazine article“Weightless Water.”  You can put a bladder tank system together for about one-tenth the cost and one-twentieth the trouble of the least expensive and simplest desalinator (or watermaker).  I put this system together while cruising the Florida Keys on the way to the first Gulf Stream crossing in the Slow Boat.  Good Old Boat subscriptionsand Slow Boat to the Bahamas are packed with useful stories that will make your cruise go much more smoothly.

Happy Holidays from Slow Boat crew!Waterbladder6

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