The Wrong Gift for Poseidon

Here is a the Gulf Stream crossing chapter.  I gave the sea god something he did not want, and I paid for it.  Like all Greek tragedies, you are inserted into the mayhem with little introduction.  In Chapter 20 of Slow Boat to the Bahamas, it is just me and my faithful toy poodle battling the elements while my daughter and wife plan to join the boat in a few weeks.

Bimini wreck.JPG Slow Boat crew had a great cruise to the Bahamas.  Many of you have put Slow Boat to the Bahamas at the top of the Bahamas Travel Guides and Sailing Narratives bestselling eBook rankings at various times since it launched over a month ago.  If you have read it, let other readers know what you thought of it by posting a quick review on Amazon.  The book is FREE to Kindle Unlimited subscribers and through January 3, 2016, the eBook is HALF PRICE at $4.99.  On January 4, 2016, the eBook price goes back to $9.99.

In 2016, I plan to tell newsletter subscribers more about our travel plans from New Orleans to Mexico, Cuba, and Panama. Nevertheless, a sailboat only has destinations, not schedules, and the best laid plans of sailors often have saltwater splashed all over them.  Many projects are underway for that big trip, and I’ll keep you posted.  In addition, I have already started on the second book, and I hope to let newsletter subscribers sample some early drafts of those chapters.

The Slow Boat crew wishes you fair winds and following seas in 2016!

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