The Sailing Podcast

My 4 pound first mate in Key West
The Sailing Podcast

Check out my interview with David Anderson of the sailing podcast.  We talk about the ideal cruising boat, my trip in Slow Boat to the Bahamas, and preview my next book.

Pick the title of my Second Book!

What is your favorite title for my next book? Click on your favorite.
 The Part-Time Circumnavigation
 Part-Time Circumnavigation
 Sail Around the World Part-Time
 How to Sail Around the World Part-Time

The book dispels many myths about sailing around the world that stop people from departing and finishing that epic journey. It will launch on February 16.  Thanks are owed to all who read the pre-launch, review copies.

To join the adventure, move towards the cruise of your dreams, and help out the Slow Boat crew and other sailors dreaming of turquoise waters in paradise:

Buy Slow Boat to the Bahamas at Amazon.

Save $15 off you next purchase online of $200 at West Marine by using this link and the coupon code WMAFF at checkout.

Try a free sample of the Slow Boat to the Bahamas.

If you have read Slow Boat to the Bahamas already, let other sailors know what you thought of it at Amazon or Goodreads.

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