Episode 2: Slow Boat Sailing Podcast, Sundowner Sails Again, Tate McDaniel, Part 1

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Tate McDaniel of the Sundowner Sails Again blog and uTube channel talked to me over the weekend.  This episode looks at getting his boat, a Westsail 32′ named Sundowner, ready for a round the world trip.  This covers the first half of his trip in 2015, crossing the Gulf of Mexico from New Orleans to Key West.  He discusses his travels in Cuba and his trip to and time in Isla Mujeres with his wife Dani.  In the next episode, he discusses his trip to Provedencia, the San Blas Islands in Panama, and why gas prices and El Nino make 2016 a good year to go RVing.

I also talk about the current changing state of Cuba and my experience with the application process.  I talk about why Coast Guard permits to sail to Cuba may become a thing of the past in a week based on my conversations with senior Coast Guard officials.

USCG Cuba regs 12-11-15

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