Episode 6: South Pacific Weather with Met Bob

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feet up after Carabelle storm

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Bob McDavitt has been forecasting weather in the South Pacific for forty years including providing weather advice for the New Zealand challengers in the America’s Cup and 16-year-old, round-the-world sailor Jessica Watson. He advised about 300 boats last season doing ocean passages in the South Pacific as well as runs a free weather newsletter/blog for over 20 years at http://weathergram.blogspot.com/.  His website is http://www.metbob.com/. He talks to the Slow Boat Sailing podcast about South Pacific weather patterns, the 1994 Pacific Storm, and Cyclone Watson.  He talks about how he helps sailors avoid the squally ITCZ.  In addition, he explains the El Nino warming of the South Pacific and argues that it will not be a factor in the 2016 South Pacific cruising season of April to November.  El Nino should disappear by April 2016.

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