Episode 7: Polynesian Navigation on Hokule’a with Kawika Crivello interviewed by Linus Wilson

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Photo credit: Kawika Crivello

In episode 7, I spoke to Kawika Crivello a crew member on the traditional sailing vessel Hokule’a.  Hokule’a is a two-masted double hulled canoe that is meant to be similar to traditional Polynesian voyaging canoes.  It is over 60′ long and has a crew of about a dozen at any one time.  Kawika has crewed on many parts of its current round the world voyage.  Hokule’a is 41 years old and is maintained by the Polynesian Voyaging Society.  Kawika was at anchor in the British Virgin Islands where the met with many locals including billionaire Richard Branson.  They may also visit with an American president in Cuba in a few days who hails from their home state of Hawaii.

We talk about traditional Polynesian navigation techniques and how to develop the correct mental attitude to going on a long ocean voyage.

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