Episode 10: SV Delos, Brian, Brady, and Karin

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We caught up with the crew of SV Delos in South Africa as they plan to round the Cape of Good Hope for the second time in the other direction and cruise Reunion, Mauritius, and eastern Madagascar in their Southern Ocean cruise.

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The SV Delos crew were currently screening videos of contestants to join the boat this season.  We talked to Brian about his early sailing and moving up boats until he bought Delos.  We discovered the secret behind the Buddha symbol of the boat and the origins of the boat’s name.  We also learned how the Delos crew refocused their efforts on video production in 2013 and the rest is youTube history.  Support Delos by subscribing to their YouTube channel, checking out their website, and “Buying them a Beer” by contributing to their Patreon site.

Finally, I also talk about my preparations for my Panama trip via Cuba. In episode 11, we learn about anchoring from Greg Kutsen of Mantus Anchors.

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