Episode 16: Wizard’s Eye’s Tyler Bradt Sails and Kayaks Around the World Interviewed by Linus Wilson

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boatWe are podcasting from Cuba! In this episode we talk to Tyler Bradt, professional white water kayaker and captain of SV Wizard’s Eye. We talk about his round the world expedition. He tells us he cast off the dock lines with a month of sailing experience and very little prep time for his simply outfitted 42′ steel cutter Wizard’s Eye. Here about the Slow Boat’s 3-day offshore trip from Venice, Florida to Cabo San Antonio Cuba and how we met up with episode 4 guest Addison Chan. Stevie and I are now in the south coast of Cuba on the Island of Youth, Isla Juventud, Cuba.

sailThis episode is sponsored by Jenifer Clark’s Gulfstream. The Slow Boat crew relied on Jenifer Clark’s Gulfstream for their Panama trip thus far. Call 410-286-5270 or e-mail gulfstream@comcast.net so you can find out how their current and weather routing can aid you in your next blue water voyage.fish

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