Plan for YouTube vlog of Our Past Season Sailing to Cuba, Transiting the Panama Canal, and Crossing the Equator

The first of three Cuba videos is up.  The rest will be released in the next several weeks.  I only make visually-interesting, short videos, with lots of cuts based on the sailing we have done. If we haven’t done the sailing or visited an interesting port, then I won’t post a video in our new vlog series season 1 on YouTube.

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The current season has three episodes videos up with more to come. Check out the trailer preview. In 2017 we sailing to Galapagos and French Polynesia. I think there are a lot of popular channels with episode 100, and they have never left their home county and are still fixing their boat, but they say they are sailing around the world. Our vlog will put you in the 31′ sailboat of the round the world trip right away your won’t have to wait until video 500 to see us get on the trade wind circumnavigation route transiting the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal transit is scheduled to be video 9.  The season finale of sailing offshore two weeks for Ecuador will not be released until summer 2017. I expect the first 9 videos will be out before the end of 2016.

S1E0: Trailer for Sailing to Cuba, Panama Canal, and Ecuador

S1E1: Sailing Offshore from New Orleans to St. Petersburg

S1E2: Venice Inlet, Preparing to Sail Offshore to Cuba

S1E3: Sailing to Cuba’s Cabo San Antonio, the End of the Earth

S1E4: Neuva Gerona, Cuba, Sailing to the City Stuck in the Past (not released)

S1E5: Cayo Largo, Cuba, Sailing to Paradise (not released)

S1E6: Providencia, Sailing Across the Caribbean to the Pirate Island (not released)

S1E7: Sailing Offshore to Panama to Shelter Bay Marina in Colon (not released)

S1E8: Detained by Customs in Panama City Airport After Visiting New Orleans (not released)

S1E9: Transiting the Panama Canal in a 31′ Sailboat (not released)

S1E10: Crossing the Equator in a Sailboat with a 5-year-old Fighting Seasickness, Headwinds, and Engine Breakdown (not released)

Subscribe and like videos you have enjoyed and watched. Your interaction with the videos and free subscription on YouTube tells us if it is worth while to keep filming in 2017 and beyond. If there is not enough interest, we will sail, snorkel, and hike more next summer and film less.

Happy sailing and viewing.

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