SLOW BOAT TO CUBA by Linus Wilson audiobook sample Chapters 1 to 4

In this book, the author wants to start his round the world trip by sailing to the Panama Canal before hurricane season. Unfortunately, a 50-year old embargo, wild currents, and adverse winds and waves stand in this American sailor’s way. This is the story of how he overcame government road blocks and sailed offshore to the forbidden paradise of Cuba. He stops at the remote west coast and southern barrier islands fighting human and nautical obstacles to get a clear path to Panama.slow_boat_to_cuba_album

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A vlog of the Slow Boat’s round the world trip is on the Slow Boat Sailing channel on YouTube. While the videos cannot do justice to one one-hundredth of the adventure in the book, they let you see key parts of the journey. Below is a list of our episodes covered in this book and how they correspond to chapters in Slow Boat to Cuba:

The whole playlist is

S1E1: Getting Easting, Sailing Offshore from New Orleans to St. Petersburg went over the same time period as chapters 5, 6, 7, and 8 in this book.

S1E2: Sailing Into Venice Inlet, Florida, Preparing for Cuba corresponded to chapter 9.

S1E3: Cuba’s Cabo San Antonio, Sailing to the End of the Earth covers the parts of the trip in chapters 11 and 12.

S1E4: Nueva Gerona, Cuba, Sailing Back in Time touches on chapters 13, 14, and 15 of the book.

S1E5: Cuba’s Cayo Largo del Sur Resort and Marina Vistited by Sailboat was based on the parts of the trip covered in chapters 16, 17, and 18.

Subscribe on YouTube for free. More videos that go beyond our Cuba trip have been uploaded at the time of writing. At the time of writing, the Slow Boat is in Ecuador.

Capt. Linus Wilson, October 2016

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