S1E7: Caribbean High, Hiking up El Pico “The Peak” in Providencia, Colombia, Sailing Round the World


Stevie and I leave the boat to hike up the highest mountain in Providencia, Colombia. To our surprise we found a well marked and maintained trail. It was as high quality as you would find as in any U.S. national park, but we only saw one other couple hiking the trail. Compare that to the 1,000s that hike Diamondhead in Oahu every day. The views at the top of El Pico in Providencia, “The Peak’, were magnificient. You must do this hike if you visit! If you can walk a 5K, you should be up for this challenge. Just take lots of water!

The El Pico, “The Peak”, hike begins is in the Bottom House neighborhood of Providencia. It is almost on the opposite side of the town and ferry dock.

It probably takes about two hours up and one hour down. Give yourself plenty of daylight. (You could kill yourself in the dark.) There is no guard rail at the end and the path is narrow. We did not have a guide and I don’t think one is necessary. It is better to hike it when its dry otherwise the path will be muddy.

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