Slow Boat to Cuba hits #1 in Sailing eBooks on Amazon on its first day on sale after launch.


Thanks to everybody who made Slow Boat to Cuba a #1 bestseller in sailing eBooks on Amazon. With all those royalties, I got a small cappuccino at Dunkin Donuts :)! I’m thankful, nevertheless. The 650+ folks who snagged a free copy on the first two days after launch is also a record for one of my books. Here is the pricing schedule for the rest of the holiday weekend.

1. November 23, 2016, $.99

2. November 24, 2016, $1.99 (Turkey Day)

3. November 25, 2016, $2.99 (Black Friday)

4. November 26, 2016, $3.99

5. November 27, 2016, $4.99 (the everyday bargain basement price!!)

In the USA

Get Slow Boat to Cuba on other amazon sites in




All I ask is that you write an host review when you finish the ebook.




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