S1E8: Snorkeling for Pirate Treasure in Providencia, Colombia, Crab Cay and Morgan’s Head

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In this episode the Slow Boat crew, Stevie and Linus, visit the best snorkeling spots in Providencia, Colombia, in the Caribbean Sea. They visit Crab Cay (part of Old Providence McBean Lagoon national part) by dinghy and hike and dinghy out to Morgan’s Head on Santa Catalina island to see the real pirate treasure, an unspoiled reef close to shore. There is a pedestrian bridge connecting Santa Catalina island to the main town in Providencia. Linus also visits the ruins of Ft. Warwick. Both Morgan’s Head and Ft. Warwick are a short hike from the town in Providencia and are accessible by a pedestrian bridge. Both spots are no fishing zones.

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