Slow Boat to Cuba the Movie

This is an edited version of the first 5 episodes of the round the world vlog season 1 of the Slow Boat Sailing YouTube Channel.

This is the complete edited movie version of the Amazon sailing eBook number one bestseller Slow Boat to Cuba by Linus Wilson. The author and his crew member Stevie sail against the prevailing easterlies from New Orleans to Cuba. They visit Gulfport, MS; Pensacola, FL; St. Petersburg, FL; Venice, FL; Cabo San Antonio, Cuba; Nueva Gerona, Cuba; and Cayo Largo, Cuba.

They visit with Annie Dike of and cross the Gulfstream and the dangerous Yucatan current in the course of three overnight offshore passages in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. They fight the easterlies in the Gulfo de Bantabano and they visit a city lost in time on the large island of Isla de Juventud. Check out the full book which has way more adventures of the trip than we could film at…

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