Associate and Senior Associate Producer Credits for Captain and Admiral Patrons and Vlog Episode Release Schedule

We are adding the associate and senior associate producer credits beginning in episode 9 (our first episode in Panama) for captain and admiral level patrons of the podcast and vlog. Episode 9, “S1E9: Offshore to Panama, Shelter Bay, and the Bizzare Check-In Process in Colon”. We will release that episode on Thursday, February 2. In that episode, we say “Goodbye” to Stevie who crewed since episode 0.
We are going to have a release date for the vlog episodes on the first Thursday of the month at 5PM New York City time.
Season 1, will have three episodes in Panama and conclude with episode 12 in Ecuador. Season 2, should begin in June with the beginning of the Pacific Crossing to the Marquesas.
You can catch up quickly to the round the world vlog in this playlist below:

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