S1E9: Sailing Offshore to Panama, Shelter Bay Marina, #PanamaCanal, and Checking in Colon, Panama

You will see Linus and Stevie go offshore for the last time together. You will see them pick up anchor in the remote island of Providencia, Colombia to sail two days non-stop to Colon, Panama 250 nautical miles away.

0:04 recap of last episode
0:24 departure from Providencia
1:04 engine problems 50 miles from Panama
2:35 entrance channel to Shelter Bay Marina
3:11 tour of Shelter Bay Marina
4:05 bus ride to Colon, Panama driving over Panama Canal, Gatun Locks
4:58 getting a 72 hour visa
6:45 getting a cruising permit from the Cristobal Port Captain
7:42 Stevie leaves the boat
7:59 getting 90-day mariners visa
8:54 preview of the next episode S1E10
9:23 credits

The Slow Boat hits light winds, and they have engine problems 50 miles from the entrance to the Panama Canal. Linus has a spare fresh water pump and replaces the part and they are soon motoring past container ships at the entrance to the Panama Canal on the Caribbean Sea side, Colon Panama.

They tie up at the only marina at the entrance to the Panama Canal on the Atlantic Ocean side. While the marina is well marked, there are rocks near some buoys. They tour Shelter Bay with its workout facilities, dry storage yard, pool, restaurant and bar, and library.

They try to check in to the country in downtown Colon, which is across the Panama Canal from Shelter Bay Marina. There is a free marina bus but the ride is 30-60 minutes into town depending on the traffic, ferry schedule, or bridge openings over the Gatun Locks of the Panama Canal. The bus stops at the Quatros Altos mall but also drops passengers in downtown Colon.

Stevie and Linus get their 72-hour visas at the cruise ship terminal, but are rebuffed by the Cristobal Port Captain and the Immigration office in the Colon 2000 mall. Stevie leaves the boat and the country to avoid paying the $105 “mariners’ visa”.

Linus returns to Colon, Panama to finish the check in process and get a 90-day mariner’s visa, but refuses to pay an extra $50 “captain’s fee” that he thinks is bogus.

Music by http://www.Bensound.com

Story, video, and editing by Linus Wilson (c) 2017
Associate Producer, Anders Colbenson
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