How to Make $ on Patreon Like Sailing LaVagabonde & SV Delos: Tips, Tricks, Facts, and Advice

Learn the secrets of top YouTube channels about making money on Patreon such as Sailing LaVagabonde and Sailing SV Delos. Linus Wilson completed a study of 444 sailing channels and gives you the tips, tricks, and secrets of the most successful channels on Patreon. He breaks down his study at the start of the video and reads it at the end of the video. You can download the study for free at

0:04 Intro
1:04 How Linus Wilson got interested in Patreon
1:40 SV Delos making $6,000/episode
2:34 Patreon channels make a lot more videos than other YouTubers
3:10 Learn how much is Sailing LaVagabonde and SV Delos made in 2016 from Patreon
3:50 How much does the typical channel make?
4:40 One hour per minute rule for good video
5:17 How many patrons can you get per 1,000 subscribers
5:55 Don’t quit your day job.
6:58 Patreon pays for video creation not for your lifestyle
8:45 How much does it cost to start a YouTube channel?
9:40 Can you earn minimum wage from your YouTube channel and Patreon?
10:16 Is getting on Patreon hard?
11:06 Drivers of success on Patreon
11:57 Patreon rewards
12:15 Join the Slow Boat on the Marquesas
12:50 Getting your first 100 subscribers
13:40 Can you be as big as Sailing SV Delos or Sailing La Vagabonde?
13:50 Gear needed for a sailing YouTube channel: How much does it cost?
14:50 Destroying $5,000 equipment
15:07 Computer gear needed
15:39 25 hours of editing for 15 minutes of video for a top YouTube sailing channel making $200-$300 per video
16:35 Tips for having a successful YouTube channel
18:20 Consistency!!!
19:10 Titles, tags, keywords, thumbnails
20:25 Facebook!!!
21:36 A dramatic reading of my academic study entitled:
“A Little Bit of Money Goes a Long Way:
Crowdfunding on Patreon by YouTube Sailing Channels”
21:50 Abstract
22:44 Section 1: Introduction
25:06 Section 2: Literature Review
28:41 Section 3: and YouTube Data
32:20 Section 4: Patreon Data
39:35 Section 5: Results
44:30 Section 6: Conclusion
46:06 Like, Subscribe, Share, and Comment: Does Daly (dog) need a haircut?
46:43 Credits

Suggested citation for my paper:
Wilson, Linus, “A Little Bit of Money Goes a Long Way:
Crowdfunding on Patreon by Youtube Sailing Channels,” (February 17, 2017). Available at SSRN:

Dr. Linus Wilson is Grow Your YouTube Channel Certified. He has written three books and has talked to many of the most successful YouTube sailing channels on his Slow Boat Sailing Podcast. He gives you the results from the first ever academic study on Patreon that he wrote, conversations with top YouTube creators, and what he learned from his YouTube certificate. Linus Wilson has been the author or coauthor of more than 30 peer-reviewed academic studies.

Slow Boat Sailing is making a podcast and vlog about sailing around the world part-time. The podcast interviews the most interesting cruising sailors in the world, including the crew of SV Delos, White Spot Pirates, Chase the Story, Sailing Miss Lone Star, Wicked Salty, SV Prism, and many more. This costs time and money and we love our supporters who subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, and YouTube as well as those who support us on Patreon.

We will be running contest where our most loyal Patreon supporters can become part of our crew literally as we explore the paradise islands of the South Pacific.

Our one Star or Executive Producer patron can join the crew without winning the drawing.

Patrons of the round the world vlog and podcast get bonus podcast episodes and free audiobooks of How To Sail Around the World Part-Time and Slow Boat to Cuba. They get never before released audiobook chapters of Slow Boat to the Bahamas. You can also get access to many podcasts and videos early as a patron.

Slow Boat to the Bahamas


How to Sail Around the World-Part Time

have been #1 sailing bestseller on Amazon. Slow boat to Cuba launches on Amazon on November 21, 2016.

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The vlog is also a video cruising guide of the places we visit focused on the seamanship necessary to visit the exotic foreign ports that we visit. The vlogs recount the adventures of the Slow Boat Crew.

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