SV Delos, Crew Changes & Sailing the Indian Ocean on the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast Ep. 33

Brian, Brady, and Karin of Sailing SV Delos talk about their Indian Ocean sailing & recent crew changes on the video version of the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast #33 hosted by Linus Wilson. You can hear their first interview on the podcast on episode 10 at

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On the podcast we interview the most interesting sailors in the world such as the creators of SV Delos, Untie the Lines (White Spot Pirates), and Chase the Story (Turf to Surf and SV Cheeky Monkey).

0:00 Intro music was Onetox- Ramukanji (2011 official remix)

0:03 Linus Wilson, Host of the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast at
introduces the interview. A more comprehensive interview that explores the entire SV Delos voyage is in episode 10 of the free podcast.
0:20 You can get your own really cool SV Delos shirt and sticker at
0:27 Interview begins with Brian, Brady, and
0:55 Q: What was the longest offshore passage of the Indian Ocean crossing?
A: Andaman Islands to Cocos Keeling Island (16 days)
2:00 Managing the Aghulas Current
3:35 Help pay for the Slow Boat Sailing Podcasts’ Skype recording software and get great rewards at
6:20 Port hopping in South Africa and the lack of anchorages
Cape Town
Mossel Bay, South Africa
East London, South Africa
Durban, South Africa
8:03 We discuss crew changes on SV Delos
9:07 Max and Frida rock Delos
10:05 Does SV Delos fit 7 crew?
12:12 Why did Karin go to college in Australia?
14:50 Winners of become a Delos pirate crew member competition
18:05 What makes the ideal Sailing SV Delos crew member
21:10 Chagos was remote
22:00 Favorite Indian Ocean stops of the 2015 & 2016 cruising seasons
27:11 Will Delos round Cape Horn before they go to the Caribbean?
Brady seemed interested in the Horn, but Brian seemed more interested in cruising the Caribbean.
29:10 The cruising community in Cape Town, South Africa
30:55 The last time Delos was in a major cruising destination was 2 years ago in Thailand. Brian luvs pad Thai!
31:30 Is butter chicken enough to recommend the Andaman Islands of India?
32:15 How do new crew members help out with the cool videos? Brian gives filming tips..
33:25 The scariest moments on SV Delos:
Hitting a reef in Madagascar
Hand steering in big waves on the way to Cocos Keeling
37:17 What kind of autopilots do you use on SV Delos and what problems have you had sailing offshore?
Raymarine linear drive 2 is the big seas autopilot. The planetary gear have worn out. It is attached to the back quadrant.
40:15 They also have a chain mounted wheel pilot which is not robust enough for big seas.
41:30 When has a saltwater leaking been a problem on Delos?
43:30 They will be taking 1, 2, 3, or 4 crew in addition to Brian, Brady, and Karin on the Atlantic crossing. 2 most likely. That crew list is not finalized…
44:00 Stops planned on the Atlantic crossing St. Helena, Ascension Island (possible), Namibia (sand dunes “droneland”), Brazil, Rio (possible), Salvador, Recife, Brazil…
45:00 Brian Trautman plans to go slow and only arrive in Trinadad in November 2017. Other round the world (circumnavigators) cruisers
45:50 SV Totem stopped in Namibia
46:00 Cruising in Namibia is tricky. There are only 2
47:30 How much time have you taken off the boat?
50:40 Last time hauled out the boat. Plan to haul next in Trinidad and Tobago…
52:05 What do you like about Cape Town, South Africa?
55:30 What is Durbin, South Africa like?
57:40 How many countries has Delos visited? 30 something…
58:00 What are the favorite countries you have visited?
Philippines, New Zealand, Madagascar…
58:45 What are the most recent upgrades to SV Delos?
Silent wind wind generator, dive gear, new camera gear, ice maker, dodger
59:30 It’s 5 O’clock in Cape Town! Beer!
1:01:30 Boat’s washing machine
1:03:20 What is you advice for someone wanting to start offshore cruising?
1:05:19 Moonshining & stills: Air Still and Turbo 500

by Linus Wilson (c) 2017

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