Tyler Brandt is a doer and a circumnavigator.

I think you can credit Sailing SV Delos (in Episode 10 and 33 of the podcast) for popularizing the sailing vlog genre. Nevertheless, they probably were not the first sailors to produce highly edited accounts of their round the world voyage in episode form. I was watching Tyler Brandt’s Wizard’s Eye Expedition vlogs long before I heard the term “vlog” or logged into YouTube. He also probably started his professionally produced series before the Delos crew was broke in Australia and started editing video intensively in 2013. Now he is days away from completing his five-year circumnavigation which began and ended in Mexico. Tyler has always approached sailing around the world as an outdoor adventure challenge. For him its a sport not a lifestyle. On Wizard’s Eye you won’t find bikini-clad twenty-somethings snorkeling remote reefs. You will see the reality of offshore sailing, mostly guys looking for adventure going beyond the horizon. The Slow Boat Sailing Podcast episode 23

guest Annie Dike said her channel had 95% men watching it, The same is true of my channel. Sailboat cruising is not just a lifestyle. It is a sport, and like most sports it primarily attracts men who practice and watch it. Congratulations, Tyler on circumnavigating the globe. Many talk and few do. Tyler is a doer.


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