Top 10 Sailing Vlogs by Views: La Vagabonde, SV Delos, SSL, Seeker, Whitespotpirates, Wynns & More

You will see the top 10 sailing vlogs by total views. These are the most loved sailing vlogs of all time! Who will be number 1? We also give a sneak peak of season 2 of Slow Boat Sailing in the Marquesas.

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0:09 Stevie in Cuba’s Cayo Largo del Sur Resort and Marina Vistited by Sailboat S1E5
0:11 #10 Chase the Story Sailing of SV Cheeky Monkey,, and sail with pets (cats)
0:18 A short clip from “HD QUALITY: Prepping the Boat to Sail Off the Grid – Story 46” at
0:44 Footage from “(audio only) E29: Chase the Story’s Tasha Hacker and Ryan Horsnail on the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast”
0:48 Stevie from “Getting Easting, Sailing Offshore from New Orleans to St. Petersburg S1E1”
0:51 #9 Shaun and Julia Sailing sail the Great Lakes on SV I’m Easy which is up for sale.
1:00 Janna wife in the Gatun Locks. See our Panama Canal transit video “How to Transit the Panama Canal with Sailing La Vagabonde ‘s Line Handlers in a Yacht S1E11” at
1:04 #8 In DrakeParagon Drake, Monique, and crew sail a Westsail 42 on the east coast of the U.S. and Canada and North Atlantic. Breif clip from “DrakeParagon Season 3: Sneak Peek” from
1:17 #7 On Wicked Salty Wes and Kate sailed from New England to the Bahamas with their dog Lola. They are currently looking for a replacement for their boat Parity.
1:24 A brief clip from “MISTAKES IN OPEN OCEAN SAILING” at
1:32 A clip from “Ep. 13: (audio only) Wicked Salty on the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast”
1:43 #6 WhiteSpotPirates stars Nike in the Untie the Lines series. She sails her boat Karl in Panama and the Western Caribbean.
2:04 Clip from “White Spot Pirates’ Tells All, Untie the Lines on the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast Ep. 14 (audio only)”
2:07 Clip from “Sailing Offshore to Panama, Shelter Bay Marina, Panama Canal, and Checking in Colon, Panama-S1E9” at
2:18 #5 Gone with the Wynns are sailing their catamaran Curiosity to the Bahamas and points south.
2:28 #4 SV Seeker is the only DIY sailing vlog in the top 10. SV Seeker is building a 74ft steel origami junk rigged motorsailer.
2:30 “Tour and Invitation” at played in the background.
2:42 Footage from “Offshore to Providencia, Colombia, Sailing Across the Caribbean to the Pirate Paradise Island S1E6” at
2:50 Subscribe to Slow Boat Sailing!
2:59 #3 Sailing La Vagabonde is crewed by Riley and Elayna. They sailed from the Med to New Zealand on a Beneteau monhull and are starting over in France with an Outremer 45 catamaran.
3:18 #2 Rick Moore sails Sophisticated Lady in the Caribbean.
3:32 #1 Sailing SV Delos has sailed from Seattle to Cape of Good Hope crossing the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
3:58 Catch their interviews “Sailing SV Delos on the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast (audio only) – Ep. 10” at and “SV Delos, Cape Horn or Caribbean? Slow Boat Sailing Podcast Ep. 33” at
4:15 Footage of Lake Pontchartrain, West End, New Orleans, New Orleans Yacht Club (NOYC), and Municipal Yacht Harbor
4:50 Preview of Slow Boat Sailing’s Season 2 in the Marquesas coming in May.

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One thought on “Top 10 Sailing Vlogs by Views: La Vagabonde, SV Delos, SSL, Seeker, Whitespotpirates, Wynns & More”

  1. Hi Linus. Is it possible to get Sailing Yacht Talisman added to your list? We’re Kevin and Wendy (Oyster 485 Talisman) and we have over 60 videos on our channel. Currently, we’re showing episode 63 “Cruising the Amalfi Coast”.


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