Slow Boat Sailing Has an Extra Episode Planned for Season 1 on YouTube–13 Total

Slow Boat Sailing is sailing around the world part-time in an Island Packet 31 sailboat. Season 1 goes from New Orleans, USA, to Cuba, through the Panama Canal, and across the equator. The upwind trip from Panama City to La Libertad, Ecuador will be broken up into two episodes. Sophie, Janna, Linus, and Daly were crew on this tough passage in July 2016. The first episode will be released on Thursday, April 6, at 5PM New York Time.

That means that the first episode of season 2, crossing the Pacific Ocean to the Marquesas, will not be released until June or July 2017. We will continue our filming of season 2 in May 2017. Several episodes were filmed in December 2017. We release new vlogs on the first Thursday of every month at 5PM New York City time or GMT-5, whichever comes first. We have about an 8 month delay from real time in the vlog.

We planned to shorten the series from 13 to 12 episodes by merging some Panama episodes together, but we have decided to have two episodes sailing the coast of mainland Ecuador. Over the course of the season, our philosophy about the vlogs have changed. We want to have more speaking into the camera and less narration to increase the connection with the crew. Personally, we feel our audience is less concerned about video cruising guides and more concerned with connecting with the sailors traveling to exotic ports while sailing around the world. The last two episodes will reflect this change in focus of the round the world vlog series. We are also moving to longer vlogs. S1E11, our Panama Canal Transit, was 30 minutes long. We plan to abandon the 7-10 minute episode format used in episodes 1-8 of season 1, in favor of 10-30 minute episodes going forward.

S1E0: Trailer for Sailing to Cuba, Panama Canal, and Ecuador

S1E1: Sailing Offshore from New Orleans to St. Petersburg

S1E2: Venice Inlet, Preparing to Sail Offshore to Cuba

S1E3: Sailing to Cuba’s Cabo San Antonio, the End of the Earth

S1E4: Nueva Gerona, Cuba, Sailing Back in Time

S1E5: Cuba’s Cayo Largo del Sur Resort and Marina Vistited by Sailboat

S1E6: Offshore to Providencia, Colombia, Sailing Across the Caribbean to the Pirate Paradise Island

S1E7: Hiking the Tallest Peak on Providencia, Colombia, the Paradise of the Caribbean Sea 

S1E8: Snorkeling for Pirate Treasure in Providencia, Colombia, Crab Cay and Morgan’s Head

S1E9: Sailing Offshore to Panama, Shelter Bay Marina, Panama Canal, and Checking in Colon, Panama 

S1E10: Busted by Customs in the Panama Airport (This is to be released in June or July 2017. It is exclusively available to patrons at the moment.)

S1E11: How to Transit the Panama Canal with Sailing La Vagabonde ‘s Line Handlers in a Yacht

S1E12: Sailing Offshore from Panama to Ecuador, Punta Mala, and Seasickness (This is to be released at GMT-5 at 5PM on Thursday, April 6, 2017)

S1E13: Shellbacks Resort to Covert Operations Sailing in Ecuador (This is to be released at GMT-5 at 5PM on Thursday, May 4, 2017.)

We will also occasionally release videos that feature the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast’s episodes or are of interest to sailors. (We only charge patrons for monthly vlog episodes not the extra videos.) We do one podcast and vlog per calendar month.

S1E12 is the first vlog where we feature our first corporate sponsor on Patreon, Mantus Anchors. The Slow Boat uses a 45-pound Mantus Anchor attached to the Mantus swivel as its primary anchor. We have never drug since using the 45-pound Mantus. The crew from Mantus Anchors will be the episode 35 guests of the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast to be released in June 2017. Sailing SV Delos’ crew will be the April 2017 guest of the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast’s episode 33.

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