Kicked Out of Ecuador by Customs Slow Boat Sailing S2E1

Captain Linus has to miss Thanksgiving and Christmas because Ecuadorian customs only gives the boat a six-month extension. That means the boat cannot stay in Ecuador for the full teaching year. Linus flies from the New Orleans Airport (MSY) to Miami (MIA) to Guayaquil (GYE) on American Airlines over Thanksgiving break to prepare and splash the boat for the Pacific Crossing to the Marquesas. The Slow Boat has been hauled-out in the Puerto Lucia Yacht Club for five months. The boat is put back in the water by the travel lift. Linus buys diesel, gas, and changes the antifreeze on the boat’s Yanmar diesel engine. Linus deals with battery issues, and the boat has rusted due to the lack of rain and desert climate of the Santa Elana Peninsula of Ecuador.

After returning to Louisiana teach the last week of classes, Linus repeats the trip and is joined by Ben and Sahia for the 3,500 Pacific Crossing. He buys a new life raft watermaker (desalinator) because the eBay ones are so overpriced and usually have bad membranes. Janna and Sophie will not be coming on the trip and the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast episode 29 guests Ryan Horsnail and Tasha Hacker of the Chase the Story YouTube Channel and Turf to Surf blog convinced Linus that it would be impossible to sail with the toy poodle Daly because of French Polynesian regulations prohibiting dogs from leaving the boat to fly back to their home country without at least a month’s observation in Tahiti.

The Slow Boat has just over a month to sail the 3,500 nautical miles to Hiva Oa from La Libertad, Ecuador. There would be no time for the extra 700 nm to Tahiti or a month’s quarantine.

Sahia, Ben, and Linus depart the yacht club and sail west overnight. The crew gets seasick and headwinds make them turn north of the rhumb line or the great circle route to the Marquesas.
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