Ep. 39: Wrecked in Key West by Hurricane Irma, Capt. Mark J. Reinhardt Interviewed by Linus Wilson on the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast

Capt. Mark J. Reinhardt lost his moored boat in Key West to Hurricane Irma. Capt. Mark J. Reinhardt estimated that 80 percent of the boats in the mooring field of Garrison Bite of Key West were wrecked in his interview on the Slow Boat Sailing podcast episode 39. The Slow Boat was moored in that same mooring field in 2015. Capt. Reinhardt sold everything and fixed up his Ericson 39 sailboat which he cruised the Bahamas in before settling in Key West. He rode out Hurricane Irma on a powerboat that he delivered to Fort Lauderdale. He then had a harrowing journey by sea getting back to his boat in Key West only to find his boat a total loss.

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The Virgin Islands, Florida Keys, and Puerto Rico have been ravaged by the category 5 hurricanes Maria and Irma. We survey their path of destruction and weigh the costs of these monster hurricanes. The Slow Boat Sailing podcast host Linus Wilson tells how Sailing Doodle’s boat Ruff Seas was dismasted in San Juan Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria. Check out Sailing Doodles’ episodes 34 on the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast on apple podcasts, stitcher, or Google play for Android.

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The reporting on 2/3 of the boats in Boot Key Harbor in Marathon, Florida being destroyed is from

The Economist estimated that French and Dutch Saint Martin and the also the BVIs sustained damage from Irma in excess of their annual GDP at

Other coverage of the hurricane disasters impact on boaters on the Slow Boat Sailing YouTube channel are below:


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Photos by Mark J. Reinhardt are reproduced with his permission. NASA and USCG photos of Hurricane Maria and wrecked boats are in the public domain.

Copyright Linus Wilson, 2017

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