Matt Lauer Questions Hawaii Sailors Back in the USA on the Today Show

The rescued Hawaii sailors are back in the USA (NYC), talking to the Matt Lauer on the Today Show on November 8. Matt says he’s a “boater”. Ms. Appel changes her story to say they were not “allowed” to enter Christmas Island, Kiribati. I actually checked with Christmas Island and they have no record of the Sea Nymph checking in.

Ms. Appel was touting their Garmin GPS and Katdyn Watermaker. We are all looking forward to her proving where they traveled with her handheld GPS! I really hate my life raft Katydyn watermaker bought new in 2016, because it puts out salty water. My Katadyn powersurvivor stinks and I plan to put it in the garbage before leaving Tahiti. I’m glad somebody got some decent use out of the thing. Ms. Appel said she had two and one broke down. (That was my problem. I did not have two!) Micheal Parker of Parker Marine told me that gave her one salvaged off her wrecked boat the SV FSOW that broke up in February 2012.

My video looking at the 6 biggest problems with the rescued Hawaii sailor’s story is below:

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