Taiwanese Fishing Vessel that Rescued Hawaii Sailors is Never Asked to Comment on Appel’s Allegation “They tried to kill us during the night.”

Below is a Google translation of a selections of a Taiwanese news article. The lazy, English-speaking journalists print Ms. Appel’s allegations over and over against her rescuers without attempting to contact the persons on the fishing boat. There are at least half a dozen different stories repeating Ms. Appel’s nutty allegations without attempting to contact the fishing boat skipper or his company. Ms. Appel told the lazy journalists at NBC:

“’The Taiwanese fishing vessel was not planning to rescue us,’ she continued. ‘They tried to kill us during the night.’” This is the same NBC news who failed to look at the tracks on her Garmin when she waved it in Matt Lauer’s face and said she it would prove her story.

The Taiwanese fishermen lost over 24 hours of time fishing assisting Ms. Appel and Ms. Fuiava after they waved white flags at them and asked for help. This is the fullest account from the Taiwanese side of the story that I have seen. If you are a journalist covering this story, act like one and ask Mr. Changli or Su Zhenije for comment.

“Until the 99th day, Taiwan fishing boat Feng Chun 66 finally found them. Fengchun Fishery, a shipping company, said that Captain Chen Changli (50s) went out to sea in the fishing port of former town on the 10th of this month to work in the North Pacific Ocean. At 10 a.m. on Tuesday, in the waters near 930 miles Southeast of Tokyo, Japan, two woman sitting on a sailboat waving white flag shouting: ‘Help! Help’.

Chen Changli asked to know the sailing boat lost its momentum and had drifted for five months, at a distance of 4350 km from their original destination, Tahiti. Chen told them to board a satellite phone service to call their families safe and provide food and water. Afterwards, they notified the Fisheries Department and the Fisheries Department of liaising with the U.S. through the National Rescue Command Center of the Executive Yuan.

Su Zhenjie, director of the State Counseling Center, said after receiving a notification from the Department of Fisheries at 12 noon on Tuesday, he immediately contacted the Coast Guard of the U.S. overseas territorial island of Guam and the rescue center of Japan after he assisted in the translation process through satellite telephones. In the end, the position of the sailboat was locked by the U.S. Navy’s USS Ashland stationed in Japan and arrived at the scene at 8 am on Wednesday.

Feng Chun’s staff said Chen Changli originally planned to escort 2 women and dragged the sailing boat to Midway Island. However, the hull condition of the sailing boat was too poor. Chen Changli was worried about the danger, and the U.S. military had already given his assistance. Therefore, regardless of the possible damage caused by the delayed work, Wait until U.S. warships approached safety on Wednesday before leaving.”

Ms. Appel initially told reporters that the crew of the Taiwanese fishing vessel that they were “kind,” before she told the sorry excuses for journalists at NBC “they tried to kill us.”

See the full article at https://tw.news.appledaily.com/international/daily/20171028/37828382/ and press translate on your browser or run it through Google Translate.

A video version of the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast’s episode 41 with commentary on some of the Daily Mail allegations is above.




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