Zeus and Valentine, Hawaii Sailors’ dogs, are back in the USA by Linus Wilson

The most popular members of the Sea Nymph crew, the dogs Zeus and Valentine, are back in the USA after their long boat ride and Navy rescue. Jennifer Appel, the owner of the abandoned SV Sea Nymph told Slow Boat Sailing on the bonus episode to Episode 42 of the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast that they were staying in Long Island, New York. The crew of Zues, Valentine, Ms. Appel and Tasha Fuiva were rescued by the US Navy’s USS Ashland approximately 900 miles from Japan. The two women and two dogs were dropped off in Okinawa, Japan on October 30. The women appeared on the Today Show in New York City on November 8, and the dogs have been in the USA ever since.

Mariners with Dogs on Ashland

Public Domain US Navy photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Jonathan R. Clay: Tasha Fuiava, right, and Jennifer Appel, both from Honolulu, with their dogs Valentine, left, and Zeus, answer questions during a media call next to USS Ashland (LSD 48) Commanding Officer Cmdr. Steven Wasson in the captain’s cabin.

“They are with us.” said Ms. Appel. Ms. Appel spoke to Slow Boat Sailing on October 25, 2017, on Skype from Long Island, New York. “I stayed with them in quarantine in Japan,” she continued.

“We cannot get back into Hawaii until they have gone through two rounds of rabies shots and their titers,” said Appel. She continued, “We did not leave them. If you leave, you abandon a dog there [Japan], they euthanize it.”

The dog’s cannot return to Hawaii until at least 60 days from landing in Japan. Nevertheless, depending on when the rabies shots were began, and whether their 5 months at sea is classified as a “short” or “long” trip the necessary waiting period shots and tests could take four to six months according to a FAQ from the Maui humane society.

Ms. Appel had nothing good to say on the podcast about New York except, “It’s New York.” I guess she won’t be buying one of the heart symbol t-shirts while she is waiting to return to Oahu, Hawaii.

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