Crowhurst Movie Secrets Revealed

Two movies about the doomed sailor Donald Crowhurst are coming out in early 2018. Colin Firth and Rachel Weisz star in The Mercy debuting in February 2018 and directed by James Marsh. Another film distributed by Studio Canal UK is Crowhurst. We talk to the director Simon Crumley of the psycho-horror, drama Crowhurst movie starring Justin Salinger. We unlock the secrets of this tragedy at sea from the 1968 Sunday Times Golden Globe Race. The 50th anniversary solo-nonstop Golden Globe race is scheduled for 2018 to leave from Les Sables-d’Olonne, France, the same town which is the start and finish of the solo, nonstop, unassisted sailing race the Vendee Globe. Linus Wilson host of the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast talks to Simon Rumley about the reasons Donald Crowhurst cheated in the race and descended into madness. They talk about Sir Robin Knox Johnston, Bernard Moitessier, Nigel Tetly, and other participants in the Golden Globe Race. Crowhurst circled the south Atlantic waiting for the other participants to round the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Horn after sailing the stormy southern Ocean. Crowhurst made a disqualifying stop in Argentina’s Rio Salado. His deception was only discovered when his boat was found adrift. Slow Boat Sailing Podcast 40 and 42 guest Jennifer Appel loves the story of this race as recounted in the Voyage for Madmen by Peter Nichols. She was rescued thousands of miles off course under mysterious circumstances after she said she spent over 5 months at sea after a three-week trip from Hawaii to Tahiti went awry. The Crowhurst story still captures the imagination after many portrayals such as in the documentary Deep Water.


On May 23, 2017, Jennifer Appel and Natasha Fuiva and the dogs Valentine and Zues departed Oahu, Hawaii in the sailing vessel Sea Nymph bound for Tahiti. On October 25, 2017, they were rescued by the US Navy and Marines of the USS Ashland 900 miles from Japan. Listen to their harrowing story of survival at Sea. Captain Linus Wilson, OUPV-Inland the creator of the Slow Boat Sailing brings up unanswered questions in this deep dive into the disaster with extensive interviews with the survivors.


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This is a media availability on a telephone conference line moderated by public affairs officer Lt. Adam Cole. Interviewees include rescued mariners Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava, and personnel of the USS Ashland.


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