SV Delos and La Vaga aim for 80 degrees north in 2018

The top two sailing vloggers by subscribers and total views Sailing La Vagabonde and Sailing SV Delos aim to film one of the northernmost islands in the world Spitsbergen. Slow Boat Sailing Podcast episode 10 and 33 guests Brian, Brady, and Karin from SV Delos and number one vloggers with 71 million views on their channel Sailing SV Delos just announce on X-mas day 2017 that they will be traveling to the remote island on the sailing yacht Isbjorn. Spitzbergen is warmed by the Gulf Stream just enough to not be iced over all year round. All signs are that the Delos crew are going to head into the Caribbean in their ketch in 2018. They are in striking distance of closing the circle on their circumnavigation in Mexico with no more oceans to cross, but one Panama Canal to transit. SV Delos is currently in Brazil, but their videos are still covering their south Atlantic crossing.

The number one vlogger in terms of subscribers is Sailing La Vagabonde and they announced they would be headed north in their sailing catamaran to the remote arctic island a few months back. There is no word if their will be a meet-up of the Delos and LaVaga crews in the frozen north.

You can see the vlogs that were tops in subscribers and views below on the Slow Boat Sailing YouTube Channel:

Those lists were current when the ranking videos made. đŸ™‚

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