Colin Firth Plays Slimy Schemer Donald Crowhurst in The Mercy (2018) Movie Clip #ColinFirth #RachelWeisz #themercy

You might think from the trailers for The Mercy (2018) biopic to be released in theaters in the UK on Friday, February 9, 2018, that Donald Crowhurst played by Colin Firth was an innocent dreamer who got in over his head. The film clip released today paints a more complex picture of the man. He comes across in the full clip as a fast-talking salesman. He seems just a little bit slimy promoting his scheme to his wife played by Oscar winner Rachel Weisz as Clare Crowhurst and their friends.

Academy Award winner Colin Firth as Crowhurst comes across as a much smaller man than the iconic characters Mr. Firth has played in many other films. That is a good thing, because in the case of Donald Crowhurst it is true. Donald Crowhurst was no ordinary bloke, but he was not a hero either.

Check out the full trailers #1 and #2 and my reaction to them below:

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