Season 2 of Slow Boat Sailing Promises to be the Deepest Dive into the Remote Islands of the Marquesas among Sailing Vlogs to Date #Marquesas #Sailing

Slow Boat Sailing has just begun to release its extensive cruise of all six of the permanently inhabited islands of the Marquesas. We are aware of no other sailing vlog that has filmed all six islands. Comment below and tell us what other vlogs have come close or already done it. Season 2 has only released one of its episodes exploring the Marquesas (S2E5 below), but eight more episodes ranging in length between 10 and 30 minutes are planned.

Most sailors crossing the Pacific skip most of the islands of the Marquesas due to their rush to cross the Pacific in one season or the limitations of immigration restrictions limiting most non-EU citizens to just 90 days in the vast island nation of French Polynesia. Also many cruisers prefer to spend more time in prime diving locations of the Tuamotos and thus speed through the rugged and remote islands of the Marquesas that largely are free of reefs and often have muddy anchorages due to water run off.

The first “Marqesas” episode explores Hiva Oa and the main village of Atuona as well as ends with an attempt to climb the wild Mount Temetiu.

After two episodes in Tahiti, Linus returns to the boat with Daly (our toy poodle) and solo sails the boat to Tahuata, Fatu Hiva, Ua Huka, and Nuka Hiva. In Nuka Hiva, Linus takes on the new crew member Anna and they visit Ua Pou before sailing offshore to Fakarava in the Tuamotos on their way to Tahiti. Janna and Sophie will join the boat in Tahiti and Moorea. The season finishes with Linus solo sailing the boat in Tahiti and Moorea. Daly (the dog) and Linus fly back to Louisiana in their last episode. Linus is sailing around the world part-time as outlined in his book. Several thousand video clips will go into making the eight remaining videos planned in the Marquesas.

You can get early access to these Marquesas episodes by pledging to be a patron. We release monthly vlogs on the first Thursday of the month, but they are typically completed months ahead because of the difficulty of uploading videos in the South Pacific. In addition, we strive for a regular monthly vlog release schedule. That means patrons of Slow Boat Sailing can see the vlog episodes many months ahead. Patrons have access to free audiobooks and bonus episodes and many other cool rewards such as associate producer credits, depending on the level of the pledge.

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