CATamaran Prices $ IRMA & MARIA Hurricanes | BVI CHARTER MARKET ⛵️ Sailing Yacht Broker Gary Fretz

Huricanes Maria and Irma wrecked the charter market in the BVIs and St. Martin where a large percentage of the Catamarans are based. That supply disruption boosted selling prices of ready-to-go catamarans for charter in the British and US Virgin Islands by about 15 percent in November 2017, according to yacht broker Gary Fretz. Gary also gives tips on avoiding sales taxes in this must watch video for anyone contemplating buying a catamaran for long-term sailing and liveaboard cruising.


Many top vloggers such as Sailing La Vagabonde and Sailing Zatara are selling their monohulls to buy a catamar Gary Fretz has been a yacht broker for 30 years. He helped Jessica and Ryan Adventures buy their sailing catamaran and he can help you too. Once you live aboard space becomes so important and cats have more space! Seasonal and Regional Factors are crucial in price you pay for a cat. Gary Fretz gives a way all his secrets if you e-mail him at

BigYachts {at} gmail [dot] com

Gary Fretz is the
Yachts International, Founder and CEO
Licensed and Bonded Yacht and Ship Broker (since 1989)
Member: International Yacht Brokers Association

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America’s Oldest Sailing School (since 1949)
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