SAILING MYSTERY, GHOST BOAT, SEA NYMPH, found in VOR | Exclusive GPS data & USCG survivor debrief

Volvo Ocean Racers spotted a “ghost ship”, a derelict sailboat, 360 miles east of Guam on February 13, 2018, UTC. It was none other than the SV Sea Nymph abandoned by Jennifer Appel and her crew member Tasha Fuiava nearly 3 to 4 months earlier on October 25, 2017. We discuss the latest revelations from this mysterious disaster at sea. We bring you exclusively the interview of the sailors on the doomed sailors who were criticized by the US Coast Guard for not using her EPIRB. The USCG alleges via the AP that they hailed the Sea Nymph on June 15, 2017, near Tahiti. Ms. Appel told the Today Show that they were no where near Tahiti and her handheld GPS proves that. Linus Wilson was given her handheld GPS track history and analyzed it. It only had two days of data, the last two days prior to the rescue. This tale of two women and two dogs where rescued 900 miles southeast of Japan goes on…

Linus Wilson is the host of the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast which has had Sailing Doodles, SV Delos, the Skipper of the wrecked Tanda Mailaika Dan Govatos, and Dee Caffari as some of its many guests. He has recently interviewed Nikki Walsh and Tanner Broadwell who lost their sailboat keel near Tampa Bay.

Jennifer Appel was caught in many fibs on national TV and media interviews about the size of her sailboat sailing through a force 11 storm, that she saw giant sharks. Slow Boat Sailing has both confirmed and debunked parts of her story and a selection of our best blogs about this sailing mystery are below:

Rescued Hawaii Sailor Left for Tahiti without Charts for Islands
Investigation: Rescued Sailor’s Story Has Several Holes
US Air Force Confirms Part of Hawaii Sailor’s Story
Exclusive: The Last Voyage of the SV Sea Nymph
Linus Wilson analyzes a false statement made by Ms. Appel made in a portion of her Today Show interview.
Two Women Who Were Lost At Sea Answer Questions About The 5-Month Ordeal | TODAY
13 Feb 2018
Turn the Tide on Plastic, a boat competing in Leg 6 of the Volvo Ocean Race from Hong Kong to Auckland, had a close encounter with the abandoned vessel, the Sea Nymph on Tuesday morning UTC, about 360 miles east of Guam providing this drone footage and first-hand blog of what they saw.
00:00 IV E Brian Thompson (GBR), navigator
01:07 ghost boat
Turn the Tide on Plastic skipper Dee Caffari wrote a blog post which Linus Wilson reads.
07 Feb 2018
Hong Kong,
Interview with Turn the Tide on Plastic’s skipper Dee Caffari (GBR) ahead of leg 6 start from Hong Kong to Auckland, New Zealand
Leg Zero: Rolex Fastnet Race – Fastnet_Leaving_B-roll
06 Aug 2017
Isle of Wight, UK
Turn the Tide on Plastic: Dee Caffari (skipper, GBR)
01.43 wide shot of Turn the Tide on Plastic
VNR Leg 6 start
07 Feb 2018
Hong Kong
Leg 6
01:57 Route animation
02:18 Boats at the start line
The USS Ashland Rescued Two Women Who Were Lost at Sea
Video by Lance Cpl. Jonathan Pearson
AFN Okinawa
The USS Ashland rescued two American women after they were lost at sea for five months. Lance Corporal Jonathan Pearson
Appel said they sent an unanswered distress signal for 98 days before the Ashland rescued them.
They told the USCG in the October 27, 2017, survivor debrief that they made 120 days of distress calls.
U.S. Navy
A telephone conference call with Lt. Adam Cole.
Video by Jonathan R Clay
Commander, Amphibious Force 7th Fleet
171029-N- UX013-001- PACIFIC OCEAN (Oct. 29, 2017) Sailors aboard the amphibious dock landing ship USS Ashland (LSD 48) help to bathe Zeus and Valentine, the two dogs rescued with Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava at sea after spending months adrift.
Nichole Gorofalo
All Hands Update: USS Ashland Rescue
Kevin Dawson
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