Force 12 Storm Sinks Sailboats at Holyhead Marina when Emma Meets the Beast of the East

The force 12 Storm Emma sunk about 80 boats at Holyhead Marina in Northern Wales. Emma was an extreme winter storm packing hurricane force winds and waves in the Irish Sea when it combined with Siberian air known as “the Beast of the East.”

Holyhead Sailing Club member Sue Williams took amazing footage of sunk and beached sailboats. The docks and pontoons in the 400 plus boat marina were destroyed in the wee hours of the morning on March 2, 2018. While the east coast of the US faced the Bomb Cyclone, the UK suffered 10s of billions of pounds in insurance losses from the winter storm Emma that created blizzard conditions in much of Great Britain. Sailors, sailboat owners, yachtsmen, and boating enthusiasts do not only have to worry about hurricanes in the summer, but also they must protect themselves against winter cyclones like the bomb cyclone and Storm Emma. The boats that did the best were hauled out of the water before the Storm Emma hit.

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