Alleged YouTube Shooter “Goes Postal” Over Less Than $2,000 Per Year

It seems “going postal” is not limited to Post Office employees any more.  With millions of creators getting AdSense checks from Google, YouTube pays more people than the USPS. According to her now taken down website and her family, the alleged Youtube shooter was upset about getting ads pulled from her channel and her getting less views on her four YouTube channels in a variety of languages and topics than she used to. According to my estimates Nasim Adhdam, earned less than $2,000 per year making videos on YouTube. That is really not a lot of money to shoot three YouTube employees and kill herself with a handgun as Nasim Najafi Adham did on April 4, 2018, at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California.

Before she went on her shooting rampage, she did a screen shot of her four channels below:

4 channels

For sake of argument, let’s estimate how much money she could have made from ads running on her four channels over her seven-to-eight years of making videos. This is an upper bound estimate assuming that all her videos ran ads. Obviously, she was mad that her later videos did not run many ads.

Best case scenario I think her odd videos could have pulled in $3 per thousand views. Her cut of 55% of ad revenue over 8.5 million views is $13,000. Because she posted about the demonitization, ads being pulled, in 2016 its likely that less than half of those ad revenues were lost (less than $6,500). Its actually, pretty sad that anyone would harm someone else and commit suicide over what they could make from a few months at minimum wage.

My belief is that criminal acts rarely make sense. Searching for a motive in madness is an unsatisfying pursuit.

Above is my take on the tragedy, with more picture and video from her taken-down website and taken down Daily Motion videos.

The definition of a mass shooting varies between four people being killed with a gun to four people being injured with a gun. However, you define it mass shootings are too common in the USA.




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