Move Over Sailing La Vagabonde! Dylan Magaster Wants to Be the Top Sailing Vlogger.

Dylan Magaster and his YouTube channel of the same name wants to buy a boat in the Med and take his 368K subscribers with him. You can join his motley crew if you win his video competition.

Sailing La Vagabonde just vacated the Med for the Caribbean as part of their northbound swing to the East Coast of the USA. Sailing La Vagabonde has about 380K subscribers and has the edge on subscribers and of owning a boat. Slow Boat Sailing Podcast episode 10 and 33 guests Sailing SV Delos is also in the Caribbean with a future route unknown, and they lead all sailing vloggers in terms of total views and have over 200K subscribers and climbing:

I think Dylan has zero sailing experience except for the sailing he did with the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast guest, Bobby White, of Sailing Doodles. The video is below:

Dylan is not the first top travel vlogger to switch to sailing and its seemingly more lucrative Patreon audience and ad revenues. The bummer is that owning a boat is more expensive than owning a van or RV, and has a much steeper learning curve. Slow Boat Sailing Podcast episode 48 guests (coming out in May 2018) Gone with the Wynns are sailing around the world in a catamaran after selling their RV.


The Wynns took sailing lessons and paid a captain soon after buying their awesome catamaran. If you are in the market for a sailing catamaran, watch this video FIRST.

P.S. The Cheeky Monkey owned by the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast’s episode 29 guests is for sale in Oz if you are interested. It was a sweet boat from our view just behind it in Papeete Marina in Tahiti!

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