Anchoring Tips in the Bay of Virgins, Fatu Hiva | Sailing Upwind from Tahuata | S2E10

Linus gives you the inside scoop on the tricky but most beatiful anchorage in the South Pacific, the Bay of Virgins in Fatu Hiva. Linus and Daly sail upwind to the remote Fatu Hiva from Vaitahu, Tahuata in the Marquesas. Fading light forces them to motor in before sunset giving stunning views of the rock formations in this remote anchorage.

Linus buys some pamplemous (sweet green grapefruit) and a tiki before climbing to the cell phone tower hill. That was a hike that he saw the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast episode 29 guests from Chase the Story do when they visited Fatu Hiva.

Hanave, the village next to the Bay of Virgins, has little in the way of provisioning, there is no fuel, there is no way to change money, it is not a port of entry, and the anchorage is small. For those reasons, Linus recommends not making it your first stop after a Pacific Crossing. It is easy enough to double back to it in mild conditions after checking in, resting, and refueling in Hiva Oa.

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