TROUBLE SAILING around ATUONA, Secret Anchorages – Hiva Oa – Tahuata – Fatu Hiva – Hanemenu S2E12

Disaster1280by720Linus and Daly’s sailing trip to and from Atuona, Hiva Oa was filled with mishaps and set backs, but they find awesome undiscovered anchorages along the way. The propeller shaft decouples on the early morning sail from Bay of Virgins, Hanavave, Fatu Hiva to Atuona, Tahuaka Bay, Hiva Oa. Linus has a spare bolt, but gets pretty grimy in the process. Moreover, they are too late to buy more diesel that weekend. Leaving the anchorage Linus fails to put a safety on the anchor chain in addition to the pawl and it deploys accidentally, letting out out the anchor and almost 200 feet of chain in deep water. Linus has to drive the anchor and chain back in the shallows to pull it up by hand. Steep 7-foot seas made it hard to go upwind to exit Tahuaka Bay, Atuona.

Linus discards his plans to sail to Hanamenu Bay, Hiva Oa on the northwest side of the island and instead sails to a closer no-name harbor on the northwest side of the island of Tahuata with white-sand beaches. The next day Linus and Daly sail to Hanemenu and explore the deserted settlement with a couple of cruisers. Its amazing how nearby islands and different sides of the small islands have dramatically different climates. Some bays are arid while others resemble a rain forest.

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Associate Producers: Anders Colbenson, Kevin Yager, Larry Wilson, and Daniel Cantrell.
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