“JURY RIG SET.AIMING TO GET FURTHER NORTH” wrote dismasted Irish GGR skipper Gregor McGuckin.

Rescue will take at least three days to get to the injured Indian skipper Abhilash Tomy whose mast is dragging in the water. He and another Golden Globe Race (GGR) for small sailboats participant, McGuckin, are in dismasted in the Southern Ocean where rescue is far away and uncertain. Tomy’s Suhaili replica sailboat was dismasted in 70-knot winds and 14-meter seas.

Tomy says he cannot move from his bunk due to a back injury and has not yet been able to reach his VHF or EPIRB. He has communicated to GGR race HQ from a sat phone that he is holding.

The current 2nd place skipper Dutchman Mark Slats has been told to continue in because he is 230 miles upwind and in great peril. Slats skippers the closest boat that is not dismasted.

The prospects for jury rig of the dismasted sailboat of Irish skipper Gregor McGuckin are poor because he only has one pole left. His engine is believed to be working. He conceivably could and motor to Tomy 100 miles away, but conditions must settle down. Both McGuckin and Tomy are 1,900 miles from the nearest land Cape Lewin Australia. The Australian Navy has not decided if it will send a ship.

GGR skipper Uku Randmaa from Estonia is the closest downwind. Randmaa is 400 miles away. It will take him three days to close on Tomy and McGuckin. He has been diverted to their position.

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