Tomy’s GGR SUHALI Replica Goes Dark Foiling Indian Navy’s Plans to Salvage It

Don McIntyre, 2018 Golden Globe Race founder, in his October 7, 2018, race tracker discussion, said that Indian Naval Commander Abhilash Tomy’s sailboat tracker for his yacht Thuriya had run out of juice and had stopped transmitting the position. Tomy’s boat was 32-foot sailboat, a Suhaili design patterned after the first boat to be sailed solo-nonstop by Sir Robin Knox Johnston in the 1968 Golden Globe Race. Tomy’s boat was dismasted in the southern Ocean. Tomy told the Hindustan Times that he was washed overboard in a knockdown in a violent 70-knot southern ocean storm with 14-meter seas. He only survived by holding onto the top of the mast. When the boat righted itself. He fell onto the boom and suffered a debilitating back injury. After the boat was dismasted his back injury prevented him from moving from his bunk until he was rescued by French fishing patrol vessel Osiris. See the rescue of Tomy and Irish Sailor and fellow Golden Globe Racer Gregor McGuckin below:

Tomy’s manager and the Indian Navy had plans to tow the vessel to a nearby island while its transmitter worked. Now that the boat is no longer transmitting its position it will be hard to salvage. McGuckin was told that his yacht could not be scuttled by FPV Osiris because it was in a protected maritime region. He took precautions before abandoning his yacht so that its AIS would transmit a signal. McGuckin has no plans to salvage his boat. Tomy was too injured to take similar precautions prior to abandoning ship on a stretcher. Tomy recently walked ashore  onto his native India with the aid of crutches after being transported by an Indian Navy ship.

2018 Golden Globe Race. Crew from the French Fisheries Patrol ship OSIRIS  board Abhilash Tomy's dismasted yacht  THURIYA to rescue the injured yacht yachtsman. Photographed from the Indian Navy P8i reconnaissance aircraft operating out of Mauritius.

Indian Navy photo of Tomy being rescued from SV Thuriya in the Southern Indian Ocean.

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