Lepage’s yacht sinks 4.5 hours after pumps stop–Lepage set to be first GGR sailor to round Cape Horn

Loic Lepage’s yacht SV Laaland did not last long without Lepage manning the pumps. It sank hours (UTC 06:30 October 23, 2018) after he was rescued by the MV Shiosai at UTC 02:00 October 23, 2018, the Golden Globe Race reported. Lepage was pumping by hand to conserve batteries and said it was taking on 160 liters (40 gallons) of water per hour.


Lepage got a hole in his boat after, according to Golden Globe Race organizer Don McIntyre, the forestay failed in 25 knot winds an 3 meter seas on October 20, 2018. That lead the mast to break in two pieces and one holed his boat leading to a leak that accelerated from 30 liters to 160 liters over 24 hours. The leak’s location behind a water tank made it hard to stop the flow.

Lepage activated his rescue beacon and the 289-meter Japanese ship Shiosai turned around to save him. Also the Longue Route 2018 participant Francis Tolan in the 43-foot Beneteau Alizes II paused his non-stop round the world trip to assist. In the end, the conditions allowed the man overboard boat of the Shiosai to rescue the French Golden Globe Race participant Lepage. Shiosai is bound for Las Palmas, Argentina. The bulk carrier is headed west, most likely via Cape Horn. The ship is expected on November 26, 2018, in Las Palmas.

Lepage is the third Golden Globe Race participant to be rescued out of eighteen starters in the solo, nonstop, unassisted, sailing race for 32-to-36-foot yachts since it began on July 1, 2018, in France. Four sailboats have been dismasted.  Only eight GGR participants are still in the race. Most of the remaining eight sailors are not half-way done, and the race for the slowest participant could last well over 300 days. Lepage’s yacht sunk in day 114 of the race.

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