Susie Goodall drug anchor in Tasmania ahead of 60-knot storm.

A 60-knot storm is overtaking the middle of the 2018 Golden Globe Race fleet places 3rd to 6th. On early November 2, 2018, UTC, English solo-sailor Susie Goodall said she drug anchor in Safety Cove of Port Arthur Tasmania and texted, “Just wanna give up!!” 4th place Goodall may anchor for three days before preceding to cross the Southern Pacific Ocean in the solo, non-stop unassisted yacht race for 32-to-36-foot boats.


For storm anchoring over 50-knots Mantus Marine, a Slow Boat Sailing sponsor, advocates a 55-pound anchor for a 36-foot boat. Goodall has a 45-pound (20 kg) CQR, according to Don McIntyre the founder of the 2018 GGR. (Originally, GGR said she had a 35-pound, 16 kg, hook.) She also only has fifteen meters of chain, but an 65 meters of of rode onboard to put out. The depths are about 7 meters. The bottom is sandy. Since the winds are coming from the west, she will be blown to sea if she drags. That is better than being blown ashore. By late on November 3, 2018, UTC, the winds should moderate below gale force and Goodall can sail east towards New Zealand and the race leaders.

The situation for 6th place Tapio Lehtinen of Finland is not so rosy. He has to sail through the storm and somehow not sail past Hobart while keeping his boat upright in as much as 12-meter waves. He has gybed north and avoided being in the worst winds for a longer period, but it has put him well north of the course for Hobart and the film drop gate that all competitors must pass through. Lehtinen has some massive barnacles on his hull slowing him down. There is not as much circular movement likely to lead to confused seas in this storm as in the storms that overtook Goodall a week or so ago or the September storm that led to the rescue Abhilash Tomy and Gregor McGuckin.

5th place Istavan Kopar, the Hungarian-born American sought shelter in a Tasmanian bay prior to arrival at the Hobart film drop. The tracker at UTC November 2, 2018, 03:00 showed him anchored near Southport, southwest of the mandatory Hobart film drop that Goodall had left a few days before. The storm has shortened the distance between 5th place Kopar and 4th place Goodall.

Uku Randmaa in 3rd place near New Zealand will likely be overtaken by the low, but he will extend his substantial lead over Goodall if he escapes major incident. His strategy is mostly running further towards Cape Horn while his the chase is anchoring. The fastest two boats will be unaffected by the storm as will the 7th and 8th placed boats.

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