Ep. 57: Van Den Heede speaks about his pitchpole and win in the 2018 GGR Golden Globe Sailing Race to Linus Wilson + the future for the podcast & YouTube channel


Jean Luc Van Den Heede shatters Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s Sunday Time’s 1968 Golden Globe Race record by 100 days finishing first in the 2018 Golden Globe Race. Hear his story of his broken rig in the Southern Ocean. Linus Wilson talks about the plans for year 4 of the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast and YouTube Channel.

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Find out how JLVDH did it from the start to finish of the toughest race in sailing, the GGR2018. Eighteen sailors got to the start line, but only five remained by day 212 of the fiftieth anniversary GGR 2018. Van Den Heede led most of the way as Are Wiig, Abhilash Tomy, Gregor McGucken, Loic Lepage, and Susie Goodall’s sailboats were dismasted. This retro race for 32-to-36-foot sailboats runs through the stormy Southern Ocean and even Van Den Heede could not escape unscathed. His boat was pitchpoled a few thousand miles from Cape Horn and he contemplated dropping out. His shrouds were damaged endangering his mast. Vandenheede was able to enact a repair and sailed on more slowly allowing Dutch sailor Mark Slats to almost catch him south of the Azores High. A tactical misstep of motoring though the center of the high instead of sailing more quickly to its west cost Slats any chance of taking the lead short of disaster as Van Den Heede stretched his lead to over 400 nm. This video features commentary from Sunday Time’s 1968 race winner English sailor Sir Robin Knox-Johnston who was the only finisher of the original race in 312 days. Van Den Heede says he was inspired by his contemporary sailor Bernard Moitessier. Jean-Luc Van Den Head was the oldest entrant in the 2018 GGR. The race is his 6th circumnavigation of the Globe. Besides holding the GGR race record Van Den Heed still holds the record for the fastest east to west solo-circumnavigation of the globe. His 36-foot Rustler yacht is named Matmut after his main sponsor.

Video from VNR/PPL/GGR and Mark Slats was reproduced with the permission of the GGR 2018.

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