3X Your $$$ on PATREON like La Vagabonde & Sailing Channel SV Delos: Crowdfunding EEA 2019

Find the secrets of of the crowdfunding platform Patreon that can triple a YouTube creator’s revenues compared to AdSense with this first academic study to analyze it. Dr. Linus Wilson the host of the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast presents his study at the Eastern Economic Association Annual (EEA) annual meeting at the Sheraton Times Square in New York City.

Learn the secrets of top YouTube channels about making money on Patreon such as Sailing LaVagabonde and Sailing SV Delos. Linus Wilson completed a study of 444 sailing channels and gives you the tips, tricks, and secrets of the most successful channels on Patreon. He breaks down his study at the start of the video and reads it at the end of the video. You can download the study for free at


Linus Wilson is the host of the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast and The Finance Professor Podcast.


Top crowdfunders Sailing SV Delos, Gone With the Wynns, and Sailing Doodles have been guests on the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast.

You can see the rest of Dr. Wilson’s research at
Music by http://www.BenSound.com
(c) 2019 Linus Wilson

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