Former Stanford Sailing Coach Gets More Bad News After Admissions Scandal

John Vandemoer, Stanford’s former sailing head coach for eleven years, pled guilty to conspiracy to commit racketeering on March 12, 2019, as part of an probe into a nationwide admissions scam. Vandemoer accepted $770,000 for Stanford and promised William “Rick” Singer, an admissions consultant, that he would designate a non-sailor as a top sailing recruit to win that student’s admission. Ironically, Stanford, not Vandemoer, received all the payments in question.

Stanford quickly fired Vandemoer who faces 18-months in prison with his sentencing due in June 2019. Other sailing organizations have distanced themselves from the Mr. Vandemoer. Club 420 has named John Barbano to be Interim Executive Director replacing Vandemoer.  Club 420 has not posted an official statement. The Capital Gazette is reporting that Vandemoer was uninvited from a talk to the Annapolis Yacht Club and expelled from the Intercollegiate Sailing Association (ICSA). The Capital Gazette reports on ISCA’s statement:


“The charges brought forth Tuesday are troubling for all of us in college sailing. Currently, available public information indicates that no other Stanford coaches, Stanford athletes or any other college sailing programs were involved. The Intercollegiate Sailing Association strives to provide fair, affordable, competitive opportunities for undergraduates in a non-scholarship, co-educational and student-centered environment. College sailing characterizes the values that most universities hope to provide for all their student-athletes, whether varsity, club or recreational. The ICSA Executive Committee has removed John Vandemoer from all standing, and ad hoc committee positions within the Intercollegiate Sailing Association. At this time, no further action will be taken.”

One thought on “Former Stanford Sailing Coach Gets More Bad News After Admissions Scandal”

  1. 18 months in prison and all the puritanical rest of it — what a joke — what he did was clearly wrong, but losing his job and the very public damage to his reputation would seem to be enough punishment — compare to Jussie Smollett — maybe he should come out as black, gay, and Jewish before throwing himself on the mercy of the court.


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