Greta Thunberg Has La Vagabonde Sail on a Deadline Across the Atlantic

Sailing La Vagabonde’s crew is expected to arrive in Lisbon, Portugal with Greta Thunberg, the climate activist, on board on Tuesday, December 3, 2019. Riley Whitelum, his wife Elayna Carausu, and their baby Lenny (Lennon) took on passengers Greta Thunberg, Svante Thunberg (Greta’s dad), and watch keeper and British racing skipper Nikki Henderson on a three-week trip through the stormy North Atlantic on November 13, 2019, from Virginia, USA.

The 45-foot Outremer 45 sailing catamaran La Vagabonde would be tested in gale force conditions and up to six-meter seas to get the sixteen year old climate change activist Greta Thunberg to the COP 25 global warming conference in Madrid. The COP 25 began on December 2, 2019, less than three weeks after they went offshore on December 13, 2019.
All indications are the Sailing La Vagabonde creators made the decision to ferry Thunberg across the Atlantic at the last minute with little heed for the weather conditions they would face. It is generally accepted that recreational, cruising, non-racing sailing yachts should not keep schedules or sail to deadlines because it poses risks to the boat and crew and shows little respect for the power of the ocean, weather, or mother nature.
Greta Thunberg will not fly on planes because she believes air travel causes too much greenhouse gas emissions. With her two Atlantic crossings in sailing yachts, the lightning rod Greta Thunberg is the most famous sailor in the world. She has joined the crew of the most famous sailing vloggers in the world Sailing La Vagabonde with three times more subscribers than their closest competitors sailing SV Delos. Despite La Vagabonde’s 1.2 million YouTube subscribers, Greta is far more famous. Compare SLV;s 0.14 million Facebook followers compared to Greta’s 2.5 million FB followers.
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