The Cruise of the Amaryllis (Annotated) Ch. 1 by GHP Muhlhauser ed. Linus Wilson Ep. 60

G.H.P. Muhlhauser was the first yachtsman to take a small sailboat around the world via the Panama and Suez Canals. Oxriver Publishing is producing the annotated edition of this sailing classic The Cruise of the Amaryllis first written in 1924. The current edition is edited and read by Linus Wilson.

On the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast Linus Wilson has interviewed the crew of Sailing SV Delos, WhiteSpotPirates (Untie the Lines), Chase the Story Sailing, Gone with the Wynns, Sailing Doodles, SV Prism, Sailing Zatara, Adventures of an Old Seadog and many others. Get Linus Wilson’s bestselling sailing books: Slow Boat to the Bahamas at on Audible at… Slow Boat to Cuba and How to Sail Around the World-Part Time have been #1 sailing ebook bestsellers on Amazon. You can get the full audiobook of Sailing to Treasure Island by Captain John C. Voss. at SAILING TO TREASURE ISLAND: The Cruise of the XORA (Annotated) by Captain J.C. Voss The paperback at or… or the eBook at… or audiobook… Get the paperback or eBook Sailing the Ogre: The Log of a Woman Wanderer (Annotated) by Mabel M. Stock at or the audiobook at or audible… Support the videos at Associate Producers Larry Wilson, Kevin Yager, and Rick Moore (SSL). Sign up for our free newsletter for access to free books and other promotions at Copyright Linus Wilson, Oxriver Publishing, Vermilion Advisory Services, LLC, 2019

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