Ep. 67: Australia’s War of Cruising Sailors, the Abuses of the Australian Border Force (ABF) New Caledonia to Cairns


Linus talks about his 11 day offshore passage from Noumea, New Caledonia to Cairns, Australia. The Australian Border Force engages in abusive tactics to harass cruising sailboat owners. If you are on a cruise ship or a plane you are treated like a tourist. If you are on a sailboat you will be targeted as a criminal by ABF which use a dozen officers to check in a boat with two people. They made my Australian crew member a prisoner on the boat and miss his hotel and plane flight for a day for no reason. Australia emulates the totalitarian policies of China, not the democratic governance of the United Kingdom. The ABF is a jobs program that wastes Australians’ tax dollars and is destroying Australia’s international tourism industry.


I recommend steering clear of New Caledonia which is also hostile to international sailboat cruisers. 


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