The BOOM of DEATH on PLATINO sailboat is destroying NZ Yachting.

New Zealand Maritime issued its long awaited report on the SY Platino tragedy on 25 July 2018. It’s a tragedy for South Pacific sailing. The deaths of two crew members on the sailing yacht Platino on 13 June 2016, Nick Saull and Steve Forno. The skipper Tory McKeogh and her husband and co-owner Brent McKeogh and crew member Ross McKee were rescued by a container ship on 14 June 2016 after the Platino was dismasted by the out of control boom.

The new report announces two new regulations for cruising sailors departing New Zealand. In addition to passing the standard Catagory 1, inspection there are two new requirements:

1. A sufficient percentage of the crew must take a sea survival training course.
2. There must be a written manual on board all yachts explaining safety and other procedures.

Read it below:

Click to access Platino-mnz-accident-report-2016.pdf

Linus Wilson the creator of Slow Boat Sailing argues the new regulations will hurt islands dependent on kiwi yachting tourism such as Tonga and Fiji. It may even discourage puddle jump boats from choosing New Zealand as a cyclone season home.

Maratime New Zealand wrote, “Platino was very well equiped and ever member of the crew had extensive offshore

Maratime NZ says the McKeoghs spent over NZ $4 million on the 20-meter (66-foot) yacht before departing. One change they made was to the traveler and mainsheet arrangement which failed in par for the course conditions of three meter waves and thirty knot winds. Offshore passages between New Zealand and Fiji typically experience gale conditions. The main was backwinded and the preventer failed. That led to a gybe which pulled out the mainsheet and traveller hardware. Nick Saull was killed by the pendulum of mainsheet and traveller hardware as the boom swung wildly. Steve Forno was thrown overboard, but the remaining crew struggled to get to the wheel beacuse under its new configuration, the wildly swinging mainsheet and traveller blocked the wheel. The surviving crew and skipper were criticized for not doing more to rescue Steve Forno who was lost at sea.

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