Pirate SOS by Sailboat in Pacific Puddle Jump


71-year old Richard Carr wrote to his family that pirates were attacking him and their 36-foot sailboat. He was sailing 2,800 miles to the Marquesas and was over 1,100 miles from the nearest land 26-days into his solo trip from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Hiva Oa, Marquesas on May 27, 2017. He was last heard of on May 28, 2017, when his Garmin, Delorme, InReach satellite texting device stopped working. He warned his family that he was being “kidnapped” by pirates. In this video, we explore this story of being lost at sea with Ali Carr Troxell. Ali Troxell analyzes the disturbing texts, the coast guard rescue efforts, Mr. Carr’s gear, background and experience. Captain Linus Wilson, OUPV-Near Coastal interviews Mr. Carr’s daughter and gives his take on the mystery as a sailor who has done the Marquesas passage. There are many lessons for potential offshore sailors in this video. It is a must watch.
Richard Carr was a lifelong sailor, but only recently bought his 1985, 36-foot Union Cutter sailboat, six years before departing. For much of his life he did not own a sailboat. He sold his prior yacht the Cortez when he had kids. With grandchildren and nearing retirement, he dreamed of sailing around the world. He sailed with a crew member in the Baja Ha-Ha before departing on his 2,800 solo trip.

You can see Ali Carr Troxell’s brave and well researched story at Outside Magazine:

November 12, 2018, “My Father’s SOS—From the Middle of the Sea”

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