How to Sail Around the World Part-Time

Do you dream of sailing around the world in a sailboat?
Do you have a business or career you don’t want to sacrifice for that dream?
Do you have kids in school?
Do you think you can’t live on a boat year round? 

You don’t need to quit your job, sell your house, and take the kids out of school to complete a circumnavigation of the globe in a sailboat. You don’t have to wait until you are retired to sail for the South Pacific. How to Sail Around the World Part-TimeCover Cirum 2-9-16 tells you how you can do it without uprooting your life by taking two to six months off per year to sail the trade winds.

I answered yes to all those questions, and I plan to sail for Panama this May. There are a lot of misconceptions about sailing around the world, and I debunk them in my new eBook. I draw from my own cruising experience, and the experiences of hundreds of successful circumnavigators

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